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Monday, 7 April 2014

Craft: Dried Roses

drying roses
Flowers are a very decadent item; they only last a short time, but for their brief life they bring so much colour and scent into a room. It's always so sad to see flowers wilting; if I can't have their fresh beauty for longer, then I will make sure it lives on indefinitely.


To celebrate both the first day of spring and an anniversary, I decided last month to dry a bouquet of roses I was recently given by the gamer. I love the art of preserving flowers; I pressed them as a child in books, and now hang them up to dry on a line in my tiny room in Dundee. I'm a sentimentalist at heart, really.
roses, dried, flowers, dried roses

For those wanting to dry their own flowers, I would recommend waiting until your blooms have opened up properly to make sure that they don't get blighted by mildew when drying (these ones were a challenge, and I had to pry them open a bit more with a pair of tweezers). Hang them upside down on a clothing line for a week or until dry (or when you get tired of constantly bumping into them when you try to go to your desk), then take down and arrange them into a bouquet or otherwise.
Dried Roses, flowers, bouquet
Have you ever preserved flowers? Did you do anything for the start of spring? Let me know in the comments!
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  1. such a nice idea! I have an old math textbook that has a few pressed flowers I got from boys courted me long ago. they're probably flat enough by now, heh.

    1. Ha ha - books aren't bad for it, though I had a small flowerpress which was also useful.


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