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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

March Blog Round Up

My photography even from last year is beginning to look terrible to me.
 Hopefully this is a sign of improvement, but a new image for round ups is in order.

Just a note for the coming month; my end of year exams are during April, so I may be out of action for the next few weeks. I've queued up posts however, so don't fret about a complete absence.

I've been finding a lot of interesting new blogs recently, and it shows in this most recent blog round up -

  • First, some shameless plugging; there has been several changes around my blog recently, but one which may interest you is my new facebook page! As well as my blog posts, I post lots of snark and photos which I don't feature on here - it's terribly lonely, so please do come like it.
  • For those who dream of shiny black and fetish inspired fashion, Aesthetic Contradiction has posted a guide to caring for latex clothing (pro tip - her own personal style is excellent too).
  • Haute Macabre, purveyor of couture fashion for the darkly inclined, recently featured the work of photographer Kim Youngjun, which displays a contrast between vulnerable models and dangerous looking cyberpunk-esque head and back pieces.
  • Elisa of Style Bizarre posted about laser cut clothing, featuring both designers and high street options; additionally, you can also order your own custom laser cut clothing, which is amazing.
  • What really enthused me with regards to the recent IFB links a la mode was undoubtedly the abundance of articles looking at racism and cultural appropriation; FASHTASH breaks down examples of cultural appropriation of several items from South Asian culture by major designers, and The Curatorial posted a very well thought analysis of Walter Van Beirendonck's infamous 'Stop Racism' presentation.
  • My current fashion inspiration is coming from Feeling Vague's outfit posts - I already own one pencil skirt, but I've got the taste for more after this t shirt and skirt combo.
  • My favourite catwalk of Paris Fashion Week has to be the space/punk inspired (yes, you read that right) Jean Paul Gaultier collection. You can view the full collection here on the Daily Mail website, or if you have issues with giving them page views here on Fashion Gone Rouge (though the mail article does feature an elderly gent with a glorious hawk, not seen on FGR).

That's all for this month, and possibly next too - my exams are right at the end of April, which means a round up for that month is unlikely. Thanks for reading!


P.S. Apologies for the post that accidentally published itself today. It's been told off and warned not to try it again, and you'll see it next month instead.


  1. Thank you for including my post in your round-up darling! I am very flattered <3

    1. You're very welcome - I'm always excited for innovation and new technology in fashion.


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