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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Blogging News - blog revamp, renaming and new social media links!

As I recently posted, I've been blogging here for over a year - during that time, my blog has changed a lot, with new aesthetics, vastly improved photography and better writing (I hope so, anyway - let me know what your opinion is), and I've grown to know what kind of blogger I am now. And, as a result, slowly realising that some big changes are necessary.

I want to take my blogging more seriously - better outfit settings, a more solid idea of how much of my personal life I want to reveal online (the GMC is focusing more on the role of the doctor in the internet age, and I take it very seriously that I comply with this), more understanding of my own writing style and more articles on interesting art and culture. There's one big, important step that this involves...

I'm changing my name!

That's right - I am now rebranding myself as An Honest Drug. I initially chose Scenes From the Cutting Room Floor as it was the name of my old writing blog and I liked the phrase with all its associations, but I gradually came to the conclusion that it was a poor fit for my current post topics - my old title regularly got confused with Caro Emerald's album and sounds like a film blog, whereas An Honest Drug is something I've been using online for a while now, and I prefer far more.

This is going to be a slow change, as I want to do it properly; I'm hoping to get my domain name, though I'll update you guys. about this closer to the date (though you shouldn't be affected by the change at all).

Another thing I've also been doing recently is providing alternative means of following my blog - you can now find me on facebook, pinterest and google plus (though if you know how to use the last one, you're doing better than me), as well as Bloglovin.  I promise to keep you updated on all my recent posts on these channels, so as to allow you readers to follow me however suits you.

Thank you so much for continuing to follow me - I'm really excited for these upcoming changes, and hope you are too!



  1. fancy! are the widget buttons new? and the big headings on the side? I might have not noticed them.

    1. oh, and, thank you for not having the stupid captchas.

    2. Yup - I made the social network buttons and the topic headings over the weekend. I didn't initially realise that I had Captchas on, but I get so little spam that I don't need them currently.

  2. Scenes from the Cutting Room Floor is a great name, and I'm somewhat sad to see it go, but I'm glad that you're keeping your content in mind and changing to something you prefer. :)

    Domains sound great! As for Google Plus, I'm just as lost as you are. Perhaps it has something to do with the small amount of people interacting on there? There's hardly anyone from what I've seen, and those that are present are never active.

    I'm looking forward to the changes! :)
    Best wishes, stay creepy!

    1. I am too - it sadly just doesn't feel a good fit for this blog, however; it was originally a writing blog before its current fate. Fear not, though - I'm thinking of reanimating it for its original purpose as a side writing blog.

      Domains are even more confusing than Google Plus, surprisingly. Google Plus is evidently meant to be used on the scale of facebook, but uptake has been poor and the design is confusing. Why aren't there separate set ups for individuals and businesses? Why are there so many circles? What even are hangouts? Nonetheless, I want to make following this blog as easy as possible for everyone to do.

      Thank you so much!


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