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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Wardrobe Feature: Studded leather cuff

wardrobe feature, jewellery, goth

"Don't buy clothes from costume shops."

This is the mantra we're told when Halloween comes round and vampire costumes start appearing in fancy dress shops. And usually, it holds true; Halloween costumes tend to be badly fitted and badly made, and don't have a place in anyone's wardrobe.

bracelet, cuff, studs, studded, goth

I was originally thinking about featuring my studded collar for this post and discussing the role of key wardrobe features for goths and what it means to accessorise the same item differently, but I decided that something equally innocuous but with a different history behind it would be more interesting.

Studded, cuff, bracelet, goth

This cuff was pinched borrowed from my brother, who originally got it as an accessory for a Halloween outfit (he went as a punk). It's probably the oldest thing of mine in my daily wardrobe, actually. I wore it nearly every day in my later years at high school as my tiny rebellion, and it's held fast. I wear it with another cuff (pictured with it) I've had since I was small and don't remember getting, and while it's not as good quality as a proper studded cuff designed for wearing outside of fancy dress, I don't particularly want to swap it for another, as it makes me smile.



  1. It's true that stuff from costume shops can be cheap in quality, but occasionally there are some great things there, especially if you modify them a bit. I always give costume shops a quick squiz :)

    1. This is true - I know a few people who buy fancy dress clothing for use as patterns for sewing, and if you strike lucky then certainly go for it.


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