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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

February Blog Round Up

I'm convinced that February has conspired against me to be shorter than ever. Partially because the month has flown by, and partially because I realised how close it is to exams (one month, it turns out). Auuurghhh. Here to distract you all from my impending break down is my pick of the best posts from this month -

  • Retro Rack featured three beaded black gowns in a recent 'then and now' post, and oh my. I want all of them.
  • Nebel Violet suggests a cheap way to decorate your notebooks with industrial tape and flyers on her blog, Deus Ex Machina - she also put a really good post up about her experience with henna hair, which I would suggest to hair dye fiends and natural hair advocates alike.
  • Haute Macabre, purveyor of catwalk couture to the dark masses, wrote about the Chinese dragon inspired XuMing Couture designs at the Chinese Fashion week, and they are gorgeous.
  •  Ben of The Pop Culture Cynic blogged earlier on in the month about one of his favourite films, About Time - I'm not really a Richard Curtis fan, but after watching it I couldn't stop breaking into tears at unexpected intervals for the next two days and had to call my rather bewildered dad. Apparently this is pretty standard.
  • For those of you who love their tattooed men (by which I mean me), Style Bizarre recently featured their favourite inked male models. I call dibs on Johnny Q.
  • Also published on Style Bizarre recently was an excellent piece on dealing with your feelings - somewhat offbeat for them, but very good advice nonetheless.
  • Finally, to finish the month off, why don't you do a bit of research into the (her)story of Riot Grrl? Sary Walrus published a documentary on this politically driven music genre, which is one that personally inspires me a lot.

I might be taking the next month easy as I prepare for the nightmare of my exams, but I will hopefully be publishing ready written posts for this, and will let you know should I decide to take a break. Until the first, when I publish my monthly wardrobe feature!



  1. Thanks for the mention. :3 And I hope your exams go well. I start my second year of Uni next week, and have chosen all of my subjects that I won't have any exams. They really stress me out.

    1. You're welcome! Thanks - I'm very jealous of you for that - even when I graduate, I have a qualifying exam after that, then exams for each level of qualification I want to get, then exams every few years to renew my license... ah, medicine!

  2. Nebel Violet's post actually inspir me to have a go at henna-ing my own hair :)

    1. I'd give it a go, now that I know you can remove it if you pick the right stuff. It would be a nice way of getting a tint.


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