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Friday, 27 December 2013

Outfit Post: Christmas Day and presents!

Phew, holidays are over! Love them I do, but they're tiring and I'm ready for a nap. Still, it was a good two days, and I did my best to get presents that people would like, and people certainly did the same in return! It's amazing how family and friends managed to read my mind and get things I hadn't thought to tell anyone about.

goth, jumper, spider, outfit, leather, mini skirt
Apologies for the bathroom pic; the light during winter is so weak that I can't get good photos in my room. :(

My parents got me this glorious jumper (from TK Maxx, I think), and my god it's so cozy. It also lines right up with my resolution to make dressing goth-like fit in with my lazy desire for comfort. The skirt is one from last Christmas, but the scarf and the necklace is new too. 

goth, art deco, jewellery, skulls
Scarf has skulls on it, and oh my I love my gaudy art deco necklace.
I love nothing better on Christmas Day than curling up by the fire and footering with all the presents I receive (everyone is incredibly generous, despite me being an official adult/recessions and what not). One of these was less a present and more a handing down, and explains the good quality photos in this post; my dad gave me his camera! I also got filters and a card reader for it (the port for the cable is broken), so you can expect better photos and hopefully more frequent outfit posts.

 This is only a smaller selection of my gifts - I got make up brushes, fancy earrings, records, an elephant tea pot, a gorgeous beaded top and - of course - a rubber duck light. ;)

Much love to all of you, and I'm hoping that your holidays are going as well as mine are.


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