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Saturday, 21 December 2013

My Dream Christmas Wishlist

Whilst I've already given a list of things I wouldn't half mind from Saint Nicolas (mostly boring things, like chai tea, rolling pins, earphones, new make up brushes, etc.), there's plenty of other things I'm dreaming of below the Christmas tree, no matter how expensive/improbable/unrealistic. Still, a girl can hope.

  • Black Underbust Corset. Cyber in Glasgow does properly fitted ones (and charges over a hundred quid for the privilege), but I probably shouldn't pass up the opportunity to get a properly fitted underbust, especially if it's one I would plan on wearing lots.
  • Camera tripod.
  • Stompy boots. I love mine. But a goth can never have too many.
  • Gramophone.
  • A gothic club night in Dundee. It's lonely being a goth in Dundee - there's very little to draw us in our tiny numbers together, and most of the music nights here are metal orientated. Ah well.  
  • Juke box.
  • Deathhawk. Or any other, suitably inappropriate-for-medical-school hairstyle.
  • My own flat.
  • Candlestick telephone. (never mind that the only people who would call me are cold callers.)
  • Nail varnish that actually stays on longer than a day. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK.

I totally think these are achievable goals for my Christmas haul. How about you, readers - anything ridiculous or unlikely you would love for Christmas? Lemme know in the comments!



  1. Oh god, I would love for a new car to magically turn up or to be suddenly offered a low rent house (like big house!) but that is incredibly improbably. I think I agree on a few of yours though. A gramophone and that nail varnish sound great!

    1. I really want a flat! I'm worrying because it's coming up to the time of the academic year where everyone is looking for flats to rent and I don't have anything planned. A place of my own would be wonderful!

      I don't even need a gramophone, as I have a wonderful sound system with a valve amp and excellent speakers. But if we're talking about silly wants...

  2. Replies
    1. Ah, I would love to (and have considered it), but I have neither the club promoting/running experience nor a large enough goth base in Dundee for it to be feasible. :(

    2. Network? I'm sure with a group of other people you could organise something. And maybe market it as a punk, post-punk and goth music night or something to draw a larger crowd.

    3. Punk has a VERY chequered history in Dundee, I hate to say - there used to be a scene long before I came, and some regular club events, but the scene wasn't constant enough for it to be maintained.

      We're not really big enough a city for alternative music, as even the previously popular metal nights are struggling right now with diminishing crowds and nightclub owners becoming more and more strict in their regulating - the goth scene is far too small and fragmented for it to work. As a result, my Dundee goth club remains on the back burner.


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