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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Summer Goals

Summer! Time of plenty, time of barbecues, time of getting out and doing things...

... Or time of staying indoors and staring at the ceiling, if you're me.

Well, it's not quite that bad. But summer has been difficult for me, in some ways - coming away from uni has made me realize how isolated I am at home when everyone is in different cities, and how I have virtually nothing to do. I had hoped to get a job this summer and work part time, but as it is I only have an ad hoc position with my local care home - and as great as they are in taking me on, I haven't had any shifts yet, and no shifts means no money to do things with. :/

Mary Rose at The Everyday Goth blogged last month about her style resolutions for the summer, and after a mild existential crisis, browsing The Curious Professor Z's Bat Fit List (whom my thoughts are with right now, as she goes through a difficult period) and talking to friends, I realized that I should probably do the same.

So, without further ado, here's my summer goals - 

  • Clear out all my clutter.   
This is an old favourite of mine in times of crises or change, but clearing out the hoard that I accumulate really does help (it ensures that I can find things and actually walk through my room freely, if nothing else).

  •  Get outside.
This shouldn't even have to be a resolution, really. Nonetheless, my lack of income, combined with how most of my work/tasks can be completed from home, has meant that I'm barely leaving the house. Even if it's only to walk up the Clyde, I'd like to resolve to do more things.

  • Revise.
Dear god, I never thought that I'd say that. Particularly considering how much work this year was. Nonetheless, though I passed my exams, it was mainly through cramming; that worked fine for secondary, but when I'm expected to retain what I've learned in 1st year through my whole career I need to reconsider my revision approach. I'm planning on better structuring my revision through next year, but until then I want to go over my notes on respiratory, cardiovascular and GI disease.

  • Work on crafts for my new room.
Whilst I do already have a lot of projects that need finishing, I might have to accept that some of them are on indefinite hold and move on to more relevant things to me right now. I'm moving into new halls of residence in September when I head back to university, and while it's not what I had wanted I've decided to make the best of it and instead focus on what I can do to make the space mine - and that means tonnes of crafting! In the spirit of resolutions I have a friend helping me out by doing the same thing for her new digs (though less bats and black and more florals and teapots) and motivating me.

  • Work on my blog.
Although my posting has been erratic - at least, during term time - I do value having a blog, and reading those of others. I've been doing a lot of work recently tinkering with the layout, pages and widgets recently (some of it you may have noticed), but I do want to focus on what I want to use my blog for and what new, original content I can provide for my readers; this is something I might post on later. I also plan on using my time over summer to stack up posts, so I can still keep consistently posting through the academic year.

  • Mix up my work out.
This is more of an afterthought, but recently I've been getting bored and uninterested at the gym, so it's probably time to rethink my exercise strategy. I'm interested in possibly taking up the Professor's Bat Fit Challenge, but other than hoping to get a liiiittle fitter I'm pretty happy with where I am in life right now, both mentally and physically.

I'll hopefully be able to post my results through the summer, and I'd hope that you'd hassle me if I don't. ;)



  1. I really should make some goals for this summer too, because I've been unable to find a job for the summer (they don't really like hiring people over 16 in The Netherlands, because they're required to pay you more) and I've also noticed that I rarely come out of the house and don't really bother to get things done right away anymore.

    1. Yeah, it just gets you into a habit of non-productivity.


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