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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Red and Black Week 2013, day 3: Subtle Colour

It's the third day of Sophistique Noir's Red and Black Week, and I'm back to doing what I do best - preening and taking selfies. This one does actually qualify as an actual gothic outfit, though it's rather casual compared to some of the other posters of this week. Indeed, it is an everyday look for me, and done somewhat on the rush here. :P

This outfit is something I wear often - the dress is one I got for a school dance (it looks far better worn casually with some black tights, as here) from River Island, and the boots are from Marks and Spencer. It is indeed possible to find goth friendly clothing there! The bat necklace is a birthday gift from a dear friend from a local alternative shop.

However, you might be wondering where the red is in this one. And it's true - I don't have a lot of red in my gothic wardrobe, though I have no idea why.

Here we are! Punching my cliche card is one of my favourite hair pieces, my skeleton hair clip - also filling in the day's theme of red, black and white. I picked two of these up from Claire's around halloween, as they were about half the price of the Kreepsville 666 ones. It's not a lot of red, but it's tricky making me do colour - I wondered about making my own fake blood spattered tights to match with this outfit, but regretfully only after preparing this post (and no time to do so!). Thoughts on this?

Still, there's always my favourite scarf (which would be more appropriate were the weather cooler). Now, I'm off out to go buy my mum some cheese for her birthday (yes, you heard me), so TTFN!



  1. Ah, I was wondering where the red and white were! ;) That totally counts - there's no specific quantity of red required for this theme. Love the scarf, too! Happy cheese shopping! ;-D

    1. Cheers! A tasty selection of cheeses were bought ;)

  2. lovely look. and random comment.... your room looks so cozy!

    1. Thank you! Cozy is one way to put it - if it were any smaller any time I had some one visiting they'd have to share a mug. :P

  3. Lovely dress and shoes :3 Especially the shoes, they're gorgeous ^^

    1. Cheers! Victorian boots are awesome.


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